Ten tips on makeup for wedding photography

Ten tips on bridal makeup to look your best self while walking down the aisle:


Stay away from trends:

Stay away from anything trendy. Trends come and go and when you look at your wedding album 20 years later you still wanna look fresh and classy in your wedding photographs.

Matching the foundation:

Make sure the color of your foundation matches not just with your face but more importantly your décolletage and arms. You will most likely have an open dress and if you have a routine of putting sunblock on your face every day, your face will be lighter in color than the rest of your body. This will really stand out in your wedding photographs and film/video and your head will not match with your body. Matching the foundation is the first step and it should be done in a good, natural light.

Go for more makeup:

Take your makeup one notch up on your wedding day. There will be a lot of pictures and videos and you want your features to stand out. It is a good idea to do “makeup trial” before your wedding day, so you can try some different options as well as get used to yourself having more makeup on.

Tears and mascara:

Always, always, always use waterproof mascara. When emotions kick in you maybe shedding some tears and you do not want them to run black. Curl your lashes first, then apply 2-3 coats. Loads of waterproof mascara will make your eyes stand out beautifully in your wedding photographs.

Eyebrows and grooming:

Eyebrows are the “frame” of your face. It is very important to have them nicely groomed. If any plucking or waxing is required do it a few days before the wedding to avoid any unwanted redness in this area.

Blush, blush and blend:

Be a blushing bride, apply two colors of blush, darker pink or peach on the entire cheek and a bright version of the same color on the apple. Blend well. Cheeks defined like that look delicious on camera.

Brighter lips:

Very natural or pale lip color may look washed out on photographs and film, choose brighter colors of pink, peach or plum to brighten your face up. Consider you will be kissing a lot of people expressing their love and well wishes for you new life. Choose matte lipstick or a stain. If you choose you may have your favorite lipgloss handy for the after dinner party.

Matte vs sweaty or shiny:

Avoid looking shiny by setting your concealer and foundation with powder. Press the powder with a brush or powder puff instead of just lightly dusting it on, specially on your T zone(forehead, around the nose and chin area). That will make your face looking matte and well defined without any unwanted sweaty looking shine for your wedding photos and videos.

Be prepared to touch-up:

Don’t forget to make a small touch up bag to keep with you. It should include: lipstick, powder, blush and powder rice papers (use the papers to take out sweat before reapplying powder to avoid caking up your makeup). You can designate one of your bridesmaids to be your touch-up bag keeper.

Glasses vs contacts:

Last but not least, if you are the lucky, smart, optical glasses wearing type you may consider wearing contact lenses for your wedding day. The camera likes to see your eyes and you will like seeing yourself in your wedding pictures too. If you decide wearing glasses avoid wearing the photo-chromatic ones. When outdoors they will get dark and your eyes wil not be visible at all.

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